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A Trailerable Houseboat

At first glance, the Caraboat looks familiar but then again it is like nothing I have seen before. Basically, it is a luxury camper trailer or what the Europeans call a Caravan that also can be used as a boat. The concept of a houseboat you can transport with a trailer isn’t new, they were being built in the 1960s. This new version took four years to develop and is now actively being used in Australia and in Europe. There are three models.

As a boat, the Caraboat moves through the water nicely and is right at home on a beach. Powered by two outboard motors or one depending on the model. One of the features the struck me as brilliant was the hideaway steering and instrument console. When not in use, it flips out of the way. The generous windows provide a wonderful feeling of being out in the open while comfortable in the cabin. There is adequate ceiling height, a generous amount of storage and luxury finishing of the seating areas.
The Caraboat trailer is designed to keep the Caraboat at a good height. Especially interesting is the step built into the rear of the trailer to make getting on and off the Caraboat while using it as a house trailer. Full connection to utilities is built into the Caraboat.

The Caraboat features:
• A versatile entertaining area comfortably seating four people.
• Opposing seating so you don’t feel blocked in.
• A folding master bed that converts to a couch for daytime use.
• Foldaway helm to maximize available space.
• A modern kitchen area with everything you could need.
• Bathroom with vanity, shower and toilet.

The Caraboat is a very practical idea, Suppose you were taking a vacation on Lake George in upstate New York, you could trailer your Caraboat and launch it at the lower lake town of Lake George Village and cruise the 90 odd miles of shores line, then return to the launch site after a few days on the lake. Then you could haul the Caraboat and take it up to one of the many inland campsites, let’s say Sugar Ridge RV Village and Campground. You could then trailer it over to Lake Champlain, launch it, and cruise from Chipman Point at the lower end of the Lake on up to Burlington for a few days over to Valcour Island, cruise the Richelieu River, then back down to Chipman where you could haul the Caraboat and drive to the campground at Cape Cod let’s say for example Adventure Bound Camping Resorts.
I asked Andrew Kierman, the man behind the Caraboat, how it all came about. He told me; “After many years of building & living on offshore multihulls, I wanted a simpler boating life. Yet I was still drawn to exploring & living on the water!
So the design and thought processes began…
First and foremost is open plan living, plenty of airflow and plenty of vision as you live on board. In our design, we have addressed these issues by panoramic windows with plenty of airflow, a nice socializing area aft with opposing seating which also makes a double bed, large galley with plenty of bench space, a double sofa style bed forward and a large pantry and toilet on the port side. Other factors would be a shallow draft easily driven and good maneuverability plus stability so with our gull wing style hull this ticks the boxes.
Eventually after a few years of development & testing the Caraboat was born. I now have a houseboat I can live on, plus as it is trailable when suits I simply remove it from the water and treat it as a travel trailer.
Now I can “Holiday my Way” easily drive to my next destination, enjoy the trip, and when suits “hit the water” again. Andrew Kiernan”
There are three models at this point starting with the premier 870 at 28 ½ feet which offered by NSW Company in Australia. It sleeps four adults hot and cold running water, toilet/shower refrigerator and freezer a galley comfortable seat and lots of headroom. It is powered by a pair of Suzuki 50 HP outboard engines. It larger than the 790 by four feet. The 790 model is 26 feet long. The Caraboat 790 puts a neat spin on the more traditional Caraboat 750. It is nearly identical, with the same internal layout and included features, but relies on a single engine rather than two engines. This provides slightly more useable deck space and storage. The model 750 is 24 ½ feet the Caraboat 750 is the smallest model. There is plenty to love about this combination of house trailer and boat. With twin engines, sleeping space for up to four, and a great selection of comfortable living appliances, it’s really worth a look.
There are all sorts of options that can be added from a reverse camera to air conditioning. Here are some of the features Caraboat emphasizes.

• Easy access on land and water.
• A shallow draft so you can reach more secluded places.
• Panoramic viewing with fully opening windows.
• A deluxe, stylish interior.
• Impressive handling and stability on the water.

The Caraboat could be just the right vehicle for those adventurers who enjoy being on the water but not all the time. These hearty souls who want to venture into the great parks of this nation with all the convenience of home.
The one hitch is getting the Caraboat here. As of this writing, North American distribution has not yet been set up. Details for the Caraboat can be seen on their website at Or you email: peter kiernan <